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Response to Long on Corporations, Unions, and Wal-Mart

12.12.08, with Walter Block


In Defense of Corporations, Tax Breaks, and Wal-Mart

11.24.08, with Walter Block


Ohio's Taxing and Spending Nothing to Be Proud Of

Buckeye Institute Viewpoint on Public Issues, 11.24.08 - PDF


Book Review: The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve Supreme Court Cases Radically Expanded Government and Eroded Freedom, by Robert Levy and William Mellor

Liberty, October 2008


I Exploit Credit Cards.  So Should You.

Christian Science Monitor, 8.13.08


Is There Anything a President Can't Do?

Orange County Register, 6.15.08


Ron Paul's Manifesto Against "False Choice"

Orange County Register, 5.11.08


Amtrak's Beefed-Up Security a Sham

Orange County Register, 5.9.08


Book Review: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, by Kevin R.C. Gutzman

The Freeman, May 2008 - HTML


Book Review: My Grandfather's Son, by Clarence Thomas

Liberty, May 2008


Leave Coca Leaf Users Alone

Orange County Register, 4.21.08


Grisham Book Is Low Blow to High Court

Columbus Dispatch, 4.17.08


Understanding the Decision, 4.16.08


Why Wal-Mart Should Have Taken Its Money from the Brain-Damaged Woman, 4.4.08


Downtown Revitalization: City Governments Versus Consumers

The Freeman, April 2008


Environmentalists in Outer Space

The Freeman, March 2008, with Walter Block


State Budget Should Be Online for All to Audit

Columbus Dispatch, 2.22.08


Save the "O" for a Worthy Performance

German Village Gazette (Columbus, Ohio), 2.14.08


I'd Call Mary-Kate Olsen First, Too, 2.2.08


Ron Paul Campaign Really Taking Off

Orange County Register, 12.18.07


Chronicling the Shredding of Our Rights Since 9/11

Orange County Register, 12.9.07


Ron Paul's Appeal Unites Even Buckeyes, Wolverines

Columbus Dispatch, 11.27.07


Stop Government Gratuity Grabbing

Orange County Register, 11.20.07


Politicians Don't Deserve a Second Shot at City Center

Columbus Business First, 11.2.07


Bill Clinton: From Philanderer to Philanthropist?

Orange County Register, 10.21.07


Justices Not Ready for Their Close-Ups

Orange County Register, 9.28.07


Ted Nugent Owes No Apologies

Orange County Register, 9.16.07


Little-Known Candidate Big on YouTube

Columbus Dispatch, 8.25.07


In Michael Moore's World, Health Care is Politicians' Call

Orange County Register, 7.17.07


Free Speech Shouldn't Be Limited in Commerce

Columbus Dispatch, 7.10.07


Paris Hilton Another Victimless Criminal

Orange County Register, 6.25.07


Donation Box or Not, Flight 93 Memorial is Wrong

Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), 6.15.07

Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), 6.17.07


Organ-Donor Shortage Should Trigger Market Forces

Columbus Dispatch, 6.13.07


Time to Stamp Out the Postal Monopoly

Baltimore Sun, 5.15.07


What's Wrong with a Little Judicial Activism?

Orange County Register, 5.13.07


Taking a Bite Out of Victimless Crime

Palm Beach Post, 5.11.07


Book review: Downsizing the Federal Government, by Chris Edwards

The Freeman, May 2007 - PDF


Paying Our Own Way Into Space

Orange County Register, 4.29.07


Snoop Dogg a Victimless Criminal

Orange County Register, 1.21.07


Space Environmentalism, Property Rights, and the Law

University of Memphis Law Review, Winter 2007, with Walter Block


A Truly Loony Idea: $10 Billion a Year for a Moon Base

Baltimore Sun, 12.13.06

Hartford Courant, 12.15.06


Book review: Catastrophe: Risk and Response, by Richard Posner

The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Fall 2006


Book review: Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing, by David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee

The Freeman, May 2006


Freedom Rings for Wrong Reasons, 1.9.06


No Duty to Obey the State: Reply to Barnett

The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Fall 2005


Does Judge Alito Reflect George W. Bush's "Libertarian Streak"?, 11.14.05


Republican Lies About Judge Alito, 11.7.05


One Sure Thing in Life, 10.17.05


Keep Private Schools Private–Even in a Hurricane, 10.11.05


Book review: Restoring the Lost Constitution, by Randy Barnett

The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Spring 2005 - PDF - Barnett's Reply


Free-Market Justice is in the Cards

The Freeman, April 2005 - PDF - Italian translation


Walter Block and Richard Epstein Debate Eminent Domain

NYU Journal of Law and Liberty, Vol. 1, No.3, 2005 (Moderator) - Audio


Michael Moore Is Still a Jerk, 6.28.04


I Was a Merchant of Death!, 6.5.04


Laughing at the Liars, 10.25.03


The School Voucher Myth, 1.1.03


The Ludwig von Mises Legacy: A Reality Check, 12.20.02


A Brighter Future for FEE



School Plans May Forcibly Evict Families

East Valley Tribune (Phoenix, Arizona), 10.4.02


Freefall: The Rest of the Story



Taking a Chance on Love, 9.13.02


City Tramples Woman's Rights

The Sun (Yuma, Arizona), 8.20.02


Was James Traficant the Worst Crook in Congress?

The Salem News (Salem, Ohio), 8.4.02


A Great Institution in Freefall Seeks Quantity, Not Quality



A Great Institution in Freefall



Open Fire on Chicago's Gun Law

Chicago Maroon, 7.12.02


Looking Askance at Bush's Peru Visit

Chicago Maroon, 4.12.02


Murphy's Law

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3.18.02


Celebrate Selfishness on Valentine's Day

The Collegian, 2.9.01


Religious Groups Should Be Wary of Government Money

The Collegian, 2.2.01


Escape from America!

The Collegian, 10.13.00


Don't Rock the Vote

The Collegian, 10.6.00


Game, Set, Match

The Collegian, 9.22.00


Champions of Limited Government?

The Collegian, 9.8.00


Is There a Hollywood Agenda Against America?

The Collegian, 3.31.00


Milk Spilled in War on Low Prices

The Collegian, 2.18.00


Why Is There a Black Market for Haircuts at Grove City College?

The Collegian, 1.28.00


Jesse Ventura Should Keep Talking

The Collegian, 11.5.99


Government Controls Would Come with Government Money

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10.22.99


What's More Obscene Than Obscene Art?

The Collegian, 10.15.99


Independent Schools at Risk

The Freeman, September 1999


Human Organs and Ebay: A Combination That Could Save Lives

The Collegian, 9.24.99


Sex: The New Entitlement

The Collegian, 9.25.98


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