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Escape from America!
by J. H. Huebert

The Collegian 
October 13, 2000

In a previous column, I suggested that voting isn't a good idea for those who want to spend their time in ways that will have a meaningful, positive impact on their lives. After all, you have a much better chance of being killed on the way to vote than of making any difference in a national election.

But the question remains: what can you do? If voting is useless, are we doomed to suffer the tyranny of the next administration, helpless in the face of increasingly oppressive taxes and regulation?

Fortunately, the answer is "No." At least it is for those who don't view the democratic process as the only hope for freedom and happiness in their lives. You don't have to persuade a nation to join your crusade to have things your way. Instead, you can choose a direct alternative. You can do something that will immediately improve your life.

You can escape!

Escape government? It probably can't be done completely, but there are lots of places you can go where the government will leave you alone to do the things you like.

Escape from America, an internet newsletter devoted to international lifestyles, reports that more and more Americans are taking this option every year.

Where are they going? They're going to Ireland where writers, artists, and other creative people don't have to pay any income taxes at all. They're going to Australia and New Zealand, beautiful countries where there's not much crime and a generally strong respect for personal liberties. They're going to the Caribbean and Central and South America, where a person can live in luxury on a fraction of what it would cost here. They're keeping their money in safe havens, protected from the greedy hands of government thieves.

The idea of escaping from America for tropical paradises and less government may seem a bit extreme. But the folks at think that in 20 years it will be the norm. Right now, we have a global economy. Combined with the internet, this allows you to do virtually any kind of business in any part of the world. With new markets freeing up, people are discovering that there's more money to be made outside America than in. So as people pursue the freest, best places to live, along with opportunities to make money, deterritorialization and the free movement of people is the logical next step.

Imagine: A more fun and exciting life, all without having to consider yourself helpless and at the mercy of the politicians and bureaucrats. Hundreds of thousands of people who have already voted with their feet are living that life right now. Others continue to bemoan their fate, assuming themselves consigned to whatever the cards seem to have dealt them.

Which group would you rather be in?

Don't get me wrong. America is still relatively great, as nations go. But as the oppressiveness of government increases, the best and brightest will continue to leave in even greater numbers and, like those who have already fled America, they're going to take their money with them. Then America, deservedly, won't be as great anymore.

So if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired with the way things are and don't see any significant improvements on the horizon, why just sit around hoping for things to get better? Why waste precious time on crusades when you could have it your way right now? Why not examine the opportunities that are out there and begin to plan your escape today?


2000 J. H. Huebert